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Updated February 22, 2007

VersaLex Exchange AS2 Communications Hub

Leveraging multiple security standards, VersaLex Exchange AS2 Software enables dynamic, secure interaction between partners over the Internet, with zero transaction cost. VL Exchange is an exceptionally flexible solution. “Written 100% in Java,” it can run on any Windows, Unix, or Linux system. For example, annual VAN costs for large EDI Hubs often exceed $1 million per year. An investment in VL Exchange can eliminate these fees and generate a real, measurable and recurring ROI. VersaLex Exchange EDIINT AS2 Software id available for UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

View VersaLex Exchange Detailed Product Information (PDF)

VL Exchange’s AS2 Software features

  • Central trading partner community management which provides the ability to centrally define and administer trading partners, groups, users, communications methods, security definitions, event notification and business processes.
  • A proven software solution, which uses proven IP protocols such as FTP, FTP/S, HTTP, HTTP/S and EDIINT AS2 allowing users to communicate with multiple trading partners. It is certified eBusinessReadyTM for AS2 EDI/XML interoperability. (Note: eBusinessReady is an independent testing program conducted through a partnership of the Uniform Code Council, Inc. and Drummond Group, Inc.) . Communicate with any AS2 server, including pre-configured hosts for communications to Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, Daimler- Chrysler’s EBMX, Ford’s GEC Hub, Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse, Michaels’ Craft Stores and many other companies.
  • A central transportation hub for the communication of business documents to/from a company’s trading partner network. It creates mailboxes (in/out) for each trading partner and uses the appropriate communications protocol to send/receive documents from its trading partner community.
  • System security and access based on user-specific privileges to ensure controlled access to various menu options of the server based on user privileges. This security prevents unauthorized access to critical business information and processes.
  • Web-based system product administration allows the system to be managed and configured remotely from anywhere in the world. VL Exchange AS2 Software leverages the web to allow a single user to maintain trading partnerships centrally or allows a company to distribute the maintenance geographically between divisions of the company.
  • Active trading partner community management allows VL Exchange AS2 Software to offer a full suite of auditing and monitoring tools to enable an integrated view of the entire supply chain, from a variety of views, based upon settings initiated by the administrator. Specifically, it enables enterprises to audit and track business documents (such as invoices and purchase orders), set access controls both inside and outside the firewall, and automate exception handling.
  • Communicate with other EDI software, servers and VANs through a range of secure protocols – FTP/S and HTTP/S, as well as AS2. VL Exchange AS2 Software provides a company with a single communications solution for exchanging EDI documents with many trading partners. Built into VL Exchange AS2 Software is the Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) protocol, the emerging standard for Internet Security. The software supports Symmetric Key and Public Key Encryption and its Certificate Manager stores and organizes digital certificates for all of a company’s trading partners.
  • VL Exchange AS2 Software's flexible audit architecture allows a company with a growing number of trading partnerships between different divisions to centrally track, secure, authenticate, organize applications, administer users, manage the information and control the e-commerce infrastructure configuration. Flexible filtering options allow documents to be tracked based on:
    • Date,
    • Partner,
    • Format used (EDI, XML, etc.),
    • Document standard used (ANSI X12, UN/EDIFACT),
    • Document version (004010, 003010 etc.),
    • Document type (P.O., Invoice etc.), or Success Status

  • Leverages a company’s existing investment in EDI Translator software. It is fully integrated with the most popular retail EDI software, including TradeLink, Trusted Link for Windows, GENTRAN: Director, Emanio, EDS Asset, TIE Commerce, GXS Desktop EDI, and others. The VL Exchange also supports the transfer and audit of the transfer of all data types, including XML, EDI, or binary text file formats
  • Near Real-Time Interaction leveraging open standards such as AS2 allows for secure immediate trading partner communication; VL Exchange is used by companies to dynamically automate business processes, both internally and externally. AS2 is ‘always on’, and provides true real-time interaction, compared to traditional EDI methods that deliver static data in a batch process, resulting in continued, non-scalable manual processes
  • Highly secure and reliable transfer of business information allows Cleo Server to support all major industry security standards, for authentication, connections, and encryption. For example, VL Exchange AS2 users can ensure tight security through the request of Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs) for each message from the receiving host. The sender can request a digital signature along with the MDN, ensuring the identity of the receiving host which provides a high level of security and verification known as “non-repudiation VL Exchange leverages these security standards to achieve secure exchange of business documents, ensuring non-repudiation, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy
  • Provides the ability to define business process scenarios, which are a series of related internal or external tasks used to deal with trading partners individually or in general. Tasks could be simple routing rules or complex processes, which validate, transforms and routes received documents. The server uses a sub-set of the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) specification for defining business process scenarios. A scenario defines business rules for the communication of business documents and provides a central place to manage the transfer of business information between trading partners. Scenarios can be run manually or scheduled.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • Oracle, SQL Server, JBDC Databases