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Imagine a Clearinghouse solution so simple you would actually enjoy using it, yet so powerful that it could do everything you wanted it to! The ClaimsPlus system has been designed through direct input from an Advisory Council of industry experts. We have built a system with purpose to ensure it meets the needs of those who actually use it day in and day out.

Pain Free Claim Submissions

You need better outcomes from your health insurance claims processing clearinghouse without the headache of overly-complicated technology. SoftCare’s ClaimsPlus clearinghouse offers simple revenue cycle management tools to help you reduce claim rejections and immediately improve cash flow.

  • Powerful searches help you find your unpaid claims so that they can get fixed quickly.
  • Quickly review the top 10 reasons for your rejected claims.
  • Claims corrections have never been so simple. Use our claim editor to correct and resend your claims quickly and easily right in ClaimsPlus.

Insurance Eligibility Verification That Saves You Time… And Money!

Did you know that using eligibility verification checks before service leads to far fewer claim rejections and denials. In fact, having access to the most up-to-date healthcare eligibility and benefits information for a patient improves clean claims rates, eliminates costly rework and helps to reduce your billing and collections costs.

  • No more phone calls or searches through Insurance Carrier websites!
  • SoftCare’s simple to use eligibility service gives you access to hundreds of Insurance Carriers.
  • Access a complete history of your top eligibility searches with the click of a mouse.
  • Easily integrates into top Practice Management systems.

Patient Statements

Customizable patient statements help you effectively manage healthcare patient collections without the costly and time consuming hassle of phone calls and manual letters.

  • Improve your cash flow through more timely patient collections.
  • Professionally generated statements take care of the “heavy lifting”.
  • Allow your patients to pay their statements online using a credit card.
  • Patient satisfaction scores are increased as the communication and payment process is simplified.

Billing Services So Affordable, You Can’t Afford Not To Try Us

For as low as 5% of practice collections, you can now receive an all-inclusive Medical Billing Service including:

  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management
  • Free Electronic Health Record
  • Free Practice Management System
  • mHealth Smart Apps

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