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Imagine a clearinghouse solution so simple and yet so effective to use your Providers would actually enjoy working with it. The ClaimsPlus system has been designed through direct input from an Advisory Council of industry experts. We have built a system with purpose to ensure it meets the needs of those who actually use it day in and day out.

Stop Paying High Claims Processing Fees

Your Healthcare Providers demand a better claims clearinghouse. You demand lower costs. SoftCare has the right solutions to meet your needs. Our sophisticated ClaimsPlus clearinghouse will integrate easily into your EHR or Practice Management application and quickly provide your clients with a leading edge revenue cycle management solution. You can forget the headache of overly-complicated technology and focus on your core business. SoftCare delivers:

  • Exceptional re-seller pricing to help both you and your Providers save money.
  • Integration options that work with any vendor solution.
  • Complete visibility into the status of your claim submissions and remittances.
  • Simple to use and easy to learn tools that help to retain customers.
  • Improved claim accuracy using our sophisticated claim validation engine.
  • Sophisticated business intelligence tools to help you analyze and measure your revenue cycle management performance.
  • Analytics to identify common errors, denial reasons and payer trends.
  • Support for both standard and non-standard electronic claim formats.

Reduce Your Risk With Our Full Suite Of Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our EDI and Revenue Cycle Management Experts provide end-to-end full service solutions. We will work with you to determine your regulatory and integration requirements. Our suite of simple integration solutions will help you to deliver cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management tools for your Providers in record time.

  • SoftCare’s simple to use eligibility verification service leads to far fewer claim rejections and denials.
  • Verify eligibility in batch or in real-time, the choice is yours.
  • Customizable patient statements and online payment options help to simplify the collections burden and improve patient satisfaction scores.
  • SoftCare’s knowledgeable Client Support Teams ensure that your customer satisfaction scores remain rock solid.

Offer Your Providers End-To-End Billing Services

By partnering with the SoftCare Billing Service you can offer your Providers a suite of Medical Billing Services that are unmatched.

  • Drive profitability through your existing clients without having to scale your staffing.
  • Scale your existing Billing Service business at a fraction of your traditional cost.
  • We offer the most competitive partner pricing you will find in the market today.
  • Sophisticated reporting and analytics tools help you to deliver exceptional value for your Providers.

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