Provider Solutions

ClaimsPlus provides you with affordable, comprehensive Clearinghouse and Revenue Cycle Management solutions to speed up your receivables, minimize your denials, and reduce your administrative costs.

  • Review your top 10 reasons for rejected claims
  • Edit and resubmit claims with the click of a mouse
  • Reduce denials through eligibility verification checks
  • Improve patient collections with professional patient statements
  • Focus on your patients and let us take care of your end-to-end medical billing

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Carrier Solutions

Are you holding back your own sales growth? Offer your clients an easier way to electronically enroll into your plans using EnrollmentPlus‘ simple integration tools.

  • Rules based enrollment validations
  • Self-Service testing tools
  • Easy to understand error reporting
  • Data at the heart of your decision making

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Benefit Administrator Solutions

Easier EDI starts here. EnrollmentPlus offers Benefit Administrators a faster and more cost effective way to deliver electronic enrollments to hundreds of Carriers.

  • Extensive Carrier network
  • Reduce EDI risk
  • Powerful Business Intelligence
  • Complete visibility into your enrollment history

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EHR & Practice Management Vendor Solutions

Partner with SoftCare to offer your customers a complete end-to-end revenue cycle management solution.

  • Integration options that work with any vendor solution
  • Support for both standard and non-standard claim formats
  • Knowledgeable Client Support teams dedicated to your success
  • Drive profitability through our partnership program

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Professional Services

For more than 20 years SoftCare has developed and provided our customers with solutions that have successfully addressed their interoperability needs relating to HIPAA, EDI, Clearinghouse Services, Systems Integration and Secure Data Communications. Our service professionals are leaders in health information technology and business process design. We truly understand your unique challenges and can translate that knowledge into cost-effective, responsive solutions.
Full Service SaaS Solutions

We’ll manage everything! SoftCare’s SaaS based solutions are highly scalable, secure and HIPAA HITECH compliant. We manage the technology, infrastructure and support so that you can focus on your core business. Our SaaS based technologies help you to mitigate the prohibitive upfront costs of traditional EDI implementations.

EDI Expertise

We help you to drive down the cost of EDI and realize an immediate return on your investment. Our team of enrollment and revenue cycle management experts truly understand your unique challenges and can translate that knowledge into cost-effective, responsive solutions.

Data Driven Decision Making

Business Intelligence capabilities integrated into each of our SaaS based technologies help you to sustain a competitive advantage through more informed decision making. Our easy to understand reports focus on those key measures that count for your business so that your teams are not overwhelmed by data. We partner with you to deliver valuable decision critical information for your daily operations.


Exceeding Your Expectations